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gSheets to WordPress

  • Long form article generation via ChatGPT
  • Publish to WordPress
  • Publish to Google Docs
  • Click to select keyword entities to include in article
  • Generate FAQs
  • Generate FAQ schema
  • And more....
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Generate Long Form Content

Each article is comprehensive with no repeated material or incongruence. Usually between 2k to 4k words per topic.

Multi Step Wizard process so you can fine tune as you go.

*hint: use the entity sidebar to give it even more relevance in Google's eyes.

Publish Directly to WordPress within gSheet

Enter as many WordPress installs as you want. Then, select them from a drop down so you can choose which one(s) you want to publish to.

Choose Page or Post

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Publish Directly to GoogleDocs within gSheet

Simply make a folder in your gDrive where you want all your content to go, tell us where that folder lives, and click the button to publish there.

Great for teams who need manual editing or content reviews in their workflow

Enjoy these amazing benefits

Choose Entities

We'll pull Wikipedia entities based on your main keyword. Simply click to have them included in your article.

Precision Editing Every Step

Want to edit the title or write your own? No problem. Want to edit or write your own sub headlines? No problem.

OpenAI Generated Semantically Related Keywords

It'll make a list of topically & semantically related keywords for you. Simply click to add to the article generation process.

Generates FAQs

Simply click a checkbox and get a FAQ generated closely related to your article.

Long Form Content

Prompted in such a way to generate coherent long form content that doesn't repeat itself. Expect to get 2-3k words per article.

FAQ Schema

Simply click a button and get JSON-LD schema for each of your FAQs.

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